A Community with a Story

"Tell me about yourself."  If a new acquaintance prompted you in this way, chances are you'll launch into a story, "I was born here, went to school there, married so-and-so, then we moved to that place to work this job, etc..."

Our lives are a narrative.  The events of our stories will shape who we are, how we understand the world, and how we understand ourselves.  If you changed an element of my story, you would change who I am today.  If you changed an element of my story, you would change the way I receive the world today.

Our lives are their own narratives, but these stories cannot be separated from the larger narratives we live within.  Just like your personal story will guide the way you see yourself, larger stories will explain the context of your personal story.  These stories explain the way the world is, the way life should be lived, what happens after death, etc... These are stories that explain everything.

Christians are people that find themselves living in a certain over-arching story.  The Christian story covers all of human history and should direct the way Christians see themselves and the world around them.  So, with that in mind, this is the Christian story as we at Christ Our Savior understand it.

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