Wonders of the Holy Land Trip

Join Rev. David Hintze and Rev. Kevin Hintze for the Wonders of the Holy Land excursion, June 4-16, 2019.

For over 40 years, Educational Opportunities Tours has led over 400,000 Christians to the land of the Bible. Individual lives, churches and ministries have been changed through the unique experience of walking in the land of Jesus and the Bible. Pilgrims explore Biblical sites - the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Nazareth, Capernaum and more - and also experience contemporary life in this important center of faith.

    •    The Bible comes to life

    •    Faith is increased

    •    Lives are transformed

    •    Relationships are deepened

    •    Commitment to ministry is energized

EO Tours makes it easy for you and your group to take this trip of a lifetime. We provide a variety of itineraries to choose from with pre and post-tour options in Jordan and Egypt to enhance your experience. EO can also customize a program to go to the sites you want to see and to fit your schedule. We handle all the details for you, provide all-inclusive programs, have our own hospitality teams in-country, and have lectures and study guides for travelers to use before, during or after their pilgrimage.

June 4 - Group departs USA 
Your pilgrimage begins as you depart the USA on an overnight flight.

June 5 - Group arrives in Tel Aviv 
Arrive in Tel Aviv and transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 6 - Tel Aviv Region
Visit the Mediterranean port cities of Jaffa and Caesarea. See the Roman Aqueduct and Theatre at Caesarea where Paul was imprisoned for two years (Act 19). Travel the ancient caravan route through the Jezreel Valley. Check in to your Galilee hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 7 - Sea of Galilee Region
Visit Caesarea Philippi, where Peter told the Lord, “You are the Christ!” (Matt.16). Pass through the Golan Heights and contemplate the “Sermon on the Mount” on the Mount of the Beatitudes (Matt. 5-7). Visit the Church of the Fish and the Loaves in Tabgha, and pray in the Chapel of the Primacy. Sail across the Sea of Galilee and experience a special onboard worship service. Travel to Kursi where Jesus cast out evil spirits from a demon-possessed man and cast them into a group of swine (Mark 5:1-13). In Magdala, once home to Mary Magdelene, visit a recently discovered first-century synagogue. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 8 - Nazareth Region
Visit Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home and the Church of the Annunciation and Church of the Nazareth Synagogue, followed by a visit to the Franciscan Wedding Chapel in Cana, site of Jesus’ first miracle. Ascend Mount Tabor and stand atop the Mount of Precipice. Travel the ancient caravan route through the Jezreel Valley to Tel Megiddo, an exciting archaeological dig with its layers of twenty different cities built on top of each other. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 9 - Galilee Region to Dead Sea
Visit the baptismal site of Quar el Yehud, where tradition says Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Visit Beit Shean and journey to Jericho (considered the oldest city in the world) to visit the ruins of the ancient city conquered by Joshua (Joshua 6:1), the Zaccheus Tree and the site of the healing of Bartemaeus. In the distance you can see the traditional site of the Temptation of Jesus (Matt. 4:1-11). Check in to your Dead Sea hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 10 - Dead Sea Region
Enjoy an opportunity to take a dip in the mineral laden waters of the Dead Sea. Continue to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. Ascend by cable car to Masada, Herod’s legendary mountaintop fortress and journey to the oasis of Ein Gedi, where David and his men sought refuge from Saul (1 Sam. 23). Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 11 - Bethlehem Region
In Bethlehem, visit the cave revered as Jesus’ birthplace and see the Church of the Nativity. Gaze over the Shepherds’ Field, where angels first proclaimed the Good News. Enjoy lunch at Christmas Restaurant. Visit an olive wood factory and the local Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church. Explore one of the most exciting archaeological digs in Israel, the Herodion, the palace fortress and final resting place of Herod the Great. Check in to your Jerusalem hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 12 - Eastern Jerusalem Region
Visit Dominus Flevit church where Jesus mourned for Jerusalem. Pass Bethphage and visit the Church of All Nations and the private garden area across the road for a time of contemplation in the Garden of Gethsemane. Visit the chapel of the Ascension and be inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Jerusalem as you stand on the Mount of Olives. Visit the Church of Pater Noster and celebrate Mass in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed before his crucifixion (Matt. 26:36-44). This evening, visit the Western Wall and return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 13 - Southern Jerusalem Region
Better understand the Jerusalem of Jesus’ day with a look at the First Century Model of the City of Jerusalem in the Israel Museum which houses 10,000 years of archaeological artifacts. Visit the Shrine of the Book, where the book of Isaiah is displayed. Explore the exhibits of Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial. Stand on the steps of the Pool of Siloam, where the blind man was healed (John 9). Visit the Western Wall and St. Peter in Gallicantu. Nearby is the Upper Room revered as the location of the Last Supper (Mark 14:12-26). Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

June 14 - Day on Own in Jerusalem
Enjoy time to explore on your own.

June 15 - Central Jerusalem Region
Conditions permitting, stand on the Temple Mount where the Jewish Temple once stood and the Dome of the Rock now stands. Walk the Via Dolorosa, “the Way of the Cross,” and stand in reverence at the Church of the Holy Sepulchure. View the Pool of Bethesda and sing a hymn in the Church of St. Anne. Visit the Citadel excavations and visit the Garden Tomb for a time of reflection and communion. Continue to the airport and prepare for your return flights.

June 16 - Return Home OR Trip Extension Begins

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