As the story of human history unfolds, things go from bad to worse. First, they eat from the wrong tree, then Cain kills his brother Abel, and soon there is sin and mayhem all across the earth. But God isn’t content to let his once beautiful creation descend into chaos. He begins his work of restoration by choosing a man named Abraham. God promised to bless Abraham and his descendants and that through them, all the families of the earth would be blessed. These descendants became the people of Israel.

God made good on his promise to Abraham and his descendants. When the people of Israel were enslaved in Egypt, they cried out to God and he rescued them. When Israel came against rival nations, God fought for his people and protected their lands. God provided his people a special land that he had chosen just for them and made them prosperous.

But despite God’s faithfulness to his word, his people rebelled and disobeyed. His people worshiped other gods, they broke the commandments that God had given them. God punishes his people and they repent. But then they disobey. God punishes them and they repent. But then they disobey. Over and over this cycle continues. God sends his people prophets to tell them what God desires of them, but they ignore some prophets, and kill others.

God was patient with his people, but ultimately, for them there is destruction and exile from their promised land. The kingdom of Israel splits in two. Eventually, the northern kingdom is conquered and dispersed, and the southern kingdom is carried off to Babylon. Even when the people of Israel return to their land they are under foreign rule.

But God did not desert his people. He heard their cries, just like when they cried out from Egypt. Israel seemed to be in a hopeless situation but God gave them hope by the promise that he would send them a king who would deliver them from their sin and their enemies.

continued Promise Delivered - Jesus