Our Christian Doctrine

The Christian Story is a good starting point but there is more to be said. The Christian Story gives rise to Christian Doctrine, our beliefs about God and his world. As Lutherans, we hold to Lutheran doctrine not because of our desire to be Lutheran, but because we believe that the Lutheran understanding is the best way to be Christian.

Our church is a member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Our doctrine is confessed in the Book of Concord. This book is a collection of confessional documents. Luther and the other writers of these confessions did not want to be doctrinal innovators. They maintain that we believe and teach nothing more and nothing less than what the Scriptures themselves teach and what Christians through the ages have always believed.


For more information regarding the doctrine confessed at Christ Our Savior, here are some resources:

The Book of Concord, the confession of our beliefs: https://bookofconcord.org/

Belief page of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod: https://www.lcms.org/about/beliefs

This page has many helpful links that will help you get to know Lutheran theology.



Hopefully these online resources are helpful, but we encourage you to bring any questions or concerns to our pastor. Pastor Drew would love to set a time to get to know you and talk about any questions, doctrinal or otherwise, that you may have.