Map & Directions



Please be aware that Google uses US Post Office addresses and Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church is in the Leander ZIP code, so the maps will show a Leander, TX city, but we are actually located in the City of Lago Vista.

Starting at the intersection of US 183 and FM 1431 in Cedar Park, TX, drive 13.8 miles West on 1431. 
Details of Trip:

  • Starting at US 183 and FM 1431, Drive 7.6 miles west  on FM 1431
    and pass through Jonestown, TX
  • Continue on 1431 for another 3.9 miles and pass through
    the intersection of Lohman Ford and FM 1431
  • Continue on FM 1431 for 2.3 miles and arrive at
    Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church on the right.